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Just yesterday developed my first silvermax in HC-110 (dil. B, 7min @20C). Looks like APX-100 (as mentioned above by piu58), consistent with the similarity in the HD curves. Really "shines" in scenes with high dynamic range, combining sunlit and open shadow parts. Presumably the character of the images is more correlated with the emulsion than with the developer. Strange statement found on the fotoimpex site: "SILVERMAX is only available as a 35mm film and will not be manufactured in other formats"; a pity, might change if sales reach sufficient volume.
The only reason I'd be interested in a new black and white film available in 35mm only would be for reversal processing for projection. Or at least, the only reason I'd be interested in THIS one, since the vast majority of my black and white is shot in medium and large formats now.

I could imagine being interested in a super speed film that was effectively faster than Delta 3200 or the remaining-stock TMZ, but even then I'd bemoan it not being available at least in 120.

Still, I have been tempted to shoot some 35mm slides and send off to dr5, and this sounds like the perfect film for that.

Has anyone reversal processed it or had it done and can comment?