I just wanted to make my first post on APUG a hello and thank you. I have just developed my first roll of black & white film since I was in high school, about 16 years ago, and the posts of the members of this site were a great help in getting back up to speed. I have no idea how well they have turned out because I have no immediate way of scanning or printing them. That is the next project to work out.

I have only been shooting as a dedicated hobby for just over a year and really regret coming to it so late. Admittedly I started up with photography because digital made it so accessible. It was also a way of encouraging me to travel and get out and about, and that's worked very well so far. Although I will continue to shoot digital I am returning to film because there is too much temptation to be lazy with a DSLR and fix things in post.

Shooting film is really slowing me down and making me think about the kinds of images I want to make. It is also very satisfying to work with your own hands rather than rely on some maths genius employed by Canon or Adobe.

So hello and thank you!