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Sometimes an enlarger baseboard becomes warped over time, tilting the column in relation to the baseboard. I've had to shim the foot of columns to restore alignment. A laser alignment tool is one of many methods of checking alignment. I prefer to use a clear negative, abraded with coarse and fine sandpaper, as an alignment target. It is cheap and convenient, and works very well in condenser enlargers.
Thanks very much, Jim. I was just using a carpenter's level and then looking thorugh the focuser at each corner. I hadn't heard of the scratched negative method. That's a great idea.

What kind of enlarger do you use and about how often do you have to align it?

I did adjust the column a tad bit as well...no shims, just alternative tensions between the front and back (sort of like one would do with a bicycle seat to adjust the tilt, if that makes sense)