I'll add a few thoughts to the discussion:

1. The eyes arrest attention, and draw the viewer into the picture. That is very well done.
2. The expression is one of those that will become hilarious later on in life. People don't generally smile or laugh very often, 90% of the time they have a neutral expression on their face. To me the expression says something like curiosity or surprise, but also a slight sense of not wanting to be in front of the camera, like hesitation. That's how I read her face.
3. With time this picture will become more and more valuable to both you and your daughter. Make sure you print it and present it nicely, maybe for her 20th birthday or something.
4. The colors are very saturated. That's neither good nor bad, just a fact.
5. That out of focus arm does make her seem a little disjointed, and it does bother me somewhat.

All in all it's a charming portrait with a pretty strong expression, that communicates well with the viewer through those crisp and clear eyes.