On my camera I can tilt the lens in two ways, one is a base tilt, and one is rotating across the axis of the lens. I do mostly landscape, and use movement mostly to adjust the plane of focus, rather than perspective control.

In the end both axis and base tilt do the same thing, but most of the time, I prefer the axis tilts since they are more independent of focus.

I usually set up the camera, and focus on one portion of the image (point A) that I want in focus, I then add movement to bring a second point (point B) that I want in focus into sharp focus, then go back and adjust focus to get point A back into focus, and iterate until both points are in sharp focus at the same time, then adjust aperture to pull everything else that I want into focus, and expose. When using base tilt, I find that after I do the movement to bring point B into focus, there is more focus adjustment needed to get point A back, and more iterative steps until I have both in sharp focus.