When I put film in the camera the ping got quieter. Thank for all the helpful replies. I did try grabbing all of the little arms that connect to the FD and FL lenses and firing the shutter, but the ping still pinged. It's not the end of the world, and nowhere near as annoying as Canon Squeek, so I'm happy. Next I'll investigate the spring that John mentioned and see if that's the source. For such a heavy camera it feels very well balanced. Unfortunate that there's no metering w/ the R lens, but I'm used to hand held metering. When I get my FD SC 135 2.5 lens I'll have metering. The battery turned out to be the wrong one. I ckd the voltage and it's 1.5V, not 1.35V, so a trip to the store for some hearing aid batteries is in order. Think I'll buy one of those cheap Chinese glassless adapters and shoot my Nikon non a.i. H 50 lens on it. The Canon FD 50 glass is very good, but that old Nikon lens is really sharp, and has beautiful bokeh.