hi umut

i am not familiar with that camera ..
i just googled it
wow, nice super 8 movie camera !
as long as you can find super 8mm film and get it processed
i think you will be OK. here in the states there are a few vendors still
of 8mm / super 8 film, but i am not sure about in istanbul ...
i know of someone locally who repairs regular olde 8mm movie cameras
but i am not sure if he works on anything as exotic as this ...
maybe some of the local repair places near you would be able to help you better ?

sorry for not being much help,
but i am sure that thing will make beautiful images once you get the logistics of
film and processing worked out, i loved my bolex 8mm (never had the luxury of super8 )
i still toy with the idea of getting one, but there aren't many places to process the film here in the states ...

have fun with your new toy !