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I recall reading about a guy who tried a trick to get Kodachrome film "developed"(in color). What he did was he would use a red filter and take a shot of the scene, then advance the film to the next slide, and shoot the same scene with a green filter, then advance to the next slide and shoot the same scene with a blue filter. Then he developed the film as black and white and scanned the film. And in photoshop he converted each BW slide into the color channel of the filter used and superimposed them and the end result was a color image of kodachrome. Though the cost was that it takes 3 slides to get one picture and objects cant be moving in the scene. But hey it worked.
This has nothing to do with with Kodachrome film.

What you refer to is colour photography by means of taking colour seperations in succession. This is a process going back to the beginning of colour photography and was a important process back then. Look for the work of Adolf Miethe.