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Ilfotol is a wetting agent. It will last you a long, long time.

I had a small, 250ml or so glass bottle of Photo-flo (the Kodak alternative) that lasted over 20 years, due to the fact that I only used it for some of my film.

It is the least expensive chemical you will lose.

With respect to the rest of the chemistry, I'd suggest that you do an exercise. Estimate the least number of rolls you will develop in six months. Then add up the cost of all the chemicals you will be using on those rolls, assuming you will only be able to use them for that length of time. Divide that total by that number of rolls - you will have the maximum cost per roll.

Bet you turn out to do more film, and that the chemicals will last longer than six months.

And for film developer, consider HC-110 or the Ilford alternative or the current version of Rodinal - the concentrates last a very long time.
May have a look at the Kodak wetting wet then ....

I have all those figures there on my spreadsheet. In NZ it is least 2x than the USA prices. For a complete set of chemistry is $76US. So for this 6 months, powder developers does 6 rolls according to Ilford or 13 rolls if a more diluted solution is used. Maybe 6 rolls for the 6 months. How much is b/w film, I import from the USA. $6US a roll? 6+76 = 82/6rolls = $13US.