Yep, aware of the storage lifes as by the manufacturer.

The liquid developer like the ID-XX can sit for 24 months in full bottles. It however cost $50US equiv here for the 1L conc size. It quotes 13 rolls of film (1+4), it doesn't quote any for a higher dilution. This is $3US/roll. Compared to ID11 which is $1.45US/roll again sticking to its suggested 16 rolls for that 1L mixed up stock solution (1+1).

Seems to me that powder is the way to go. I can mix up the entire packet for each 6 months, people say you shouldn't mix partial packets of powder.

The Ilford fixer is liquid. That last 6 months according to them, longer if I test it etc ... Again with the powder, it has to be mixed up a stock anyway....

Kodak doesn't provide these datasheets like Ilford online. I have tried to look at their website and the Tech Pubs.

The Ilford washing aid is - 3yrs in its conc form liquid in full bottles. When it is mixed to a 1+200 solution the life is just 7 days. Yeah .. the 1L size Ilford provides does 666 rolls of film, yes for 3yrs but that is heaps, I certainly won't even use 1/6 of that over the 3yrs. Prob less than 1/12.