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This only works if you predominantly shoot Nikon, Ken. :-)

I shoot other cameras like Minoltas, Pentax, Leica, etc. and the switching back and forth usually has me cursing Nikon's "alternative" directions.
Just to clarify, Pentax is the same as Nikon, both focus and f-stop. I started with Fujica ST (also the same), went to Nikon, then to Pentax, then to Bronica, (same, plus lenses mount the same direction as Nikon). I still have all four makes. After 39 years, I suppose I'd go nuts trying to adjust to a Canon, Minolta, etc, now.

I do have two lenses which focus opposite: a 17mm Tokina in Pentax mount (would it have killed them to have made reverse helicoids for their Pentax and Nikon mounts?), and a Tamron Adaptall 500mm mirror. I always start the wrong way and have to correct myself.