Thanks for all the above threads and useful information. Re a battery for the MG 1, I have already bought a battery adapter for my Yashica Electro 35, so I am hoping that the same adapter will fit an MG 1, should I buy that model (MG 1).
Pad of Death. Best thing is to Google that and you will get a better explanation, together with photos. Briefly there is a small piece of rubber inside the Yashica RFs, and it perishes with age. Once that happens the camera does not function, although I believe the shutter will still fire at 1/500 sec. Therefore use an exposure meter and find the appropriate aperture for that speed.
Does the MG 1 suffer from POD ? The MG 1 was one of Yashica's last RF models. Somewhere on the web it was proclaimed that Yashica had tackled the POD problem in their later models. I believe that is completely UNTRUE, because I have found references to owners with MG 1s having suffered the same problem, and details are on 1-2 websites.
Supposedly when a Yash RF is working correctly, after firing the shutter, then when film is wound on, there should be a thump/clunk. If that noise is not present then the camera has POD. HOWEVER, and many in here will be familiar with Yashica Guy, who is a renowned expert on Yashicas, he states that when the thump/cluck appears that is when POD is starting, or has started. You can find that comment on his pages relevant to the Yash. RFs.
The Electro 35 I have just bought has no such noise. It is very smooth, and lights and apertures are working correctly. I hope to have my first film used in it returned by next week, so I should find out if it is OK.
So if anyone else can add to all that has been posted so far, it will be appreciated.