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Another case of R09 failure.

I will stick only with Kodak products. In 15 years they never let me down a SINGLE time.
Thanks, I won't argue against that!

I am sorry to hear of your problem with the current incarnation of Rodinal.

While I stick to D-76 for its reliability (and because I work for Kodak, but this is my opinion and not necessarily that of EKC), you may want to run tests of any developer until you become confident in it again. The test can be simple as dropping a snip of the film into a tray with the mixed developer and count the seconds until it starts turning black.

That simple test should catch this potential problem and help you regain confidence which I am sure is shaken after suffering a developer failure.

I'm more confident when I run full tests on my film to find appropriate exposure index and development times... If you get interested in that, I can guide you there.