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Actually I've tested two Fomapan 100 rolls, exposed with two different cameras (Nikon F90x and Olympus trip 35), bracketed and used two different diluitions (1+25 and 1+50).
Same results: underdeveloped negs.
Forgive me if I misunderstand... but testing two rolls is not much of a test.

There are SO MANY variables. When you see underdeveloped negatives it just means... you need to develop them longer. Product failure is usually about the last culprit. Temperature / forgetting to shake the bottle / a mistake or two in mixing / not testing for your own times / too gentle or infrequent agitation (I could go on) are all more likely culprits than product failure at this point.

I'm currently dabbling in D23 but I have been using Rodinal / Adonal (whatever it is called now) for several years and never had a bad batch. I've certainly made mistakes during that time and produced bad negatives though.