My 82mm close up lenses have arrived, you can see the 52mm lenses on the left, the 82mm lenses in the middle and the 110mm lens on the right.

Here is the crazyness that is the +8 lens, means its a 125mm lens so an f1.6 lens, image circle is good and the image is brighter compared to the 52mm lens version (which is why I got this size to give some extra stops of light).

There is also a +3 filter which is a 330mm lens at around f4, I just focused it on the wall, the image circle is around a foot, maybe larger lol

What I am tempted to do is to use the 4" (100mm) wall duct and sleve a filter(s) inside it giving me manual focus and use the bellows on the larger 110mm lens. I might just look at fitting these 82mm lenses with some waterhouse stops and add a lens board so I can use the speed graphic focal plane shutter.