Since these days it is really unusual for new still film cameras to be manufactured, let alone cine cameras, I think this ought to be in this part of the forum. After all, a new super-8 camera about to be brought to market somewhat soon.

Here are the specs for this super-8 camera of the 2010s:
A newly designed Super-8 camera with widened gate made in aluminum that records sound in license free Ogg vorbis format 48 KHz @ 16bit stereo (CD quality) on a removable SD-CARD, film frame count information is also stored on the SD-CARD as a log file along with the audio to help aid cutting.
Featuring oscillating mirror shutter for the best optical path through the lens towards the film (no glass or filters in between lens and film) when the shutter is closed the image is projected towards an integrated CMOS camera which acts as a digital viewfinder.
The camera uses standard Kodak film cassettes, however the film is brought out of the cassette and into the widened gate with integrated pressure plate and pin registration, which completely freezes the film during exposure to make sure the bouncing never occurs which is a typical trademark of older super-8 cameras.
It features a build in light meter for easy operation.
The frame rate is programmable from 16fps to 54fps frames pr. second with crystal phase-locked-loop synchronization (Lip sync is fully achieved throughout an entire film).
Remote controllable via WiFi (the camera creates its own hotspot) and is compatible with Android, Iphone and Windows Phone.
Exchangeable lenses via C-Mount.
Viewfinder through the lens (while shutter is closed) via internal camera for use with standard external monitor such as Lilliput etc. (standard NTSC / PAL vide out format)
Phase Advance feature to increment the phase if you want to interlock the camera with a TV or florescent light for example to remove shutter bars typically seen.
The external monitor acts as both viewfinder and camera status display – it shows the following information:

  • Remaining/Elapsed: feet, frame, meter
  • Exposure control
  • Audio VU monitor
  • System parameters

The camera is firmware upgradable via USB.
It has a mono XLR microphone input with true 48V phantom power and a normal stereo jack 3.5mm line-in and also 3.5mm jack mono microphone-input, there’s also headphone output (3.5mm jack) for monitoring the sound.
Microphone gain and headphone volume is adjustable.

Today the first sneak peak photos of the prototype were made public. See them here: