Hi. If the camera is a Leicina 8s, then it is the first model and uses Standard 8 film. This is also known as Regular 8, or Double 8 as it goes through the camera twice and is slit lengthways and spliced after processing. If you look inside, you should see an empty reel which is the take-up spool. The battery holder can cause problems. It takes 4 AA cells, but modern AAs like Duracell are too fat to fit properly. You might need to try different brands, or strip the plastic covering off the cells. There is also a small cell for the meter. I cannot recall which type. I think there are two cable release sockets, and I'm sure one is for single frame. There is a back wind facility which is useful for film making. As well as the 9mm lens, you can get a 6.25 and a 36. These are really converters, and the camera can be used without one attached with a focal length of 15mm or thereby. There is a German company supplying Standard 8 film. I think they are called Wittner. Alex