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I would love a converted Polaroid for my first LF camera, but getting into LF photography is really expensive compared to small and medium format. The most I alone have spent on a system was my Bronica system. If you have any photos taken with those, let's see em'!
Nathan, Polaroid conversions are expensive but you can pick up a 4x5 Speed or Crown Graphic pretty reasonable. I paid $400,00 for my clean late model Crown Graphic with 135mm Schneider Zenar lens and some Toyo film holders. You can find them for less money depending upon age and condition.

Not hand holdable, but today it is easy to put together a 4x5 monorail system as cheap or cheaper than a medium format outfit. I have seen older monorails sell for less than $100.00 on Ebay. You can add a real nice lens for $150.00 to $200.00.

I too once thought large format was expensive and unobtainable.