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when's the last time you priced a Ries? They might be great tripods, but they're a major spend, even used... The OP was asking for a good BUDGET tripod.
Buy it once, use it for a life time. To me that is a good use of $$, better than going through a series of purchases. Not many on the used market speaks to the owners satisfaction not the quality of a Ries. Even new they are less than most carbon tripods. A Ries will never get jammed with sand or dirt, salt water is not a problem, super easy to clean the legs. Hardware is metal and easy to maintain. Legs dampen vibration as well as any material and do not have preset stops so it can handle any type of terrain easily. Costumer service is outstanding, in the unlikely case you need it. And if it is not "your tripod" they hold their resale value better than most other brands.