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Thanks for supporting Film Photography in your own way, I hope that there are enough of us to make this venture worthwhile for you.

How about DX coding along the side to let people know how slow we are ;-)
Thanks Mark! DX coding ... maybe an android app so people can read the t-shirt !

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+1. And I will also take the same in blue. And by the way...how about something clever and witty for a PanF Plus T?
I will know more, pricing, delivery, quality of garment next week !

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... so unless they kill the slogan I'm not game. A straight Ilford logo would be nice.
I am awaiting a reply from HARMAN for permission to produce Ilford only logo's

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Hi Alan, here's a couple of slogans I remember (I have read them on this forum):

"Digital is for those afraid of the dark"

"In the dark that is needed to reveal the light, we resurrect the past"

I don't own the copyright of these phrases. I guess nobody does... they would make nice t-shirts for film photographers, though...
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I always loved "real photographers do it in the dark"
Cool slogans George and Peter! if you want one I can make it for you . . .