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Kodak doesn't provide these datasheets like Ilford online. I have tried to look at their website and the Tech Pubs.

The Ilford washing aid is - 3yrs in its conc form liquid in full bottles. When it is mixed to a 1+200 solution the life is just 7 days. Yeah .. the 1L size Ilford provides does 666 rolls of film, yes for 3yrs but that is heaps, I certainly won't even use 1/6 of that over the 3yrs. Prob less than 1/12.
You can basically ignore the 3 years limit - it will only apply if you expose the Ilfotol to the most harsh of circumstances. Surfactants are generally quite robust. Developers are a bit different.

And Kodak has a huge number of datasheets online - its just that the volume makes it hard to find the one you want.

Most of the most valuable ones are found through this link: http://www.kodak.com/global/en/profe...ankIndex.jhtml

The most useful one for your purposes is probably this one: http://www.kodak.com/global/en/profe...3cf/e103cf.pdf

That table is found under the "Chemicals" sub-link on the first page I linked to.

If you want a powder developer that will develop 60 rolls of film from a single package, buy a 5 litre package of Kodak X-Tol, mix it up and split the five litres into five 1 litre bottles.

Use one of the bottles as your working solution, and the other 4 litres in a simple replenishment regime (70 ml per film).

It should last longer than the projected 6 months, but even if you decide to toss what remains after 6 months, it will still work out to be very economical.

I would suggest, however, that you include two packages in your initial order - you will save on shipping.