I was not sure where to put this discussion, and thought this might be the best fit.

I am thinking about opening a small studio space - Totally analogue.

The area I live in is conducive to people paying for the products and waiting on the "art" of development.

I have a 4x5 speed graphic, but an 8x10 or larger studio camera would be great to have also. I'm looking for something that will allow me to move around in the space (turn of the century loft), use the space and natural lighting
AND provide the opportunity to shoot some really great large format portraits. I prefer to use the oldest technology I can get away with, so super-nuclear-computer controlled studio strobes powered by aliens in a box will not be high on my list of purchases. I'll likely use bulbs with my 4x5, and I've got access to a big Beseler enlarger. I once had a Century Studio camera. It was a bit unwieldy and unforgiving however I have seen them in perfect condition and think perhaps that might be an option. A 20x24 shooting paper negatives might not be a bad thing. Since I will probably have enough space for a darkroom, what is the most chameleon like camera that could do a bit of everything but also is moderately easy to move about a studio space.

Camera wise, anyone have any thoughts?