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Hahah yeah. I wasn't implying that the phrase full-frame didn't mean 24x36mm. It most certainly does. I was clumsily trying to point out that 35mm film was originally used for cinema, where the frame size wasn't even 24x36mm.
Hi Tim,
I wasn't trying to correct you, or anything. Sorry if I made that impression.
And your quite right about the cinema use of 35 mm film. Same film but an other orientation: vertical instead of horizontal.
Wasn't it Oscar Barnack who took cinema film (35 mm) back in 1913-1914 and used it to make a smaller and lighter cameras? A concept we still use after 100 years.
Now I that think of it, shouldn't 2013 be an Oscar Barnack Year? Or at least an Oscar Barnack Day?
Don't tell me I missed it. Or are we waiting for 1914?