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The "ditch it" option is the best...

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Actually, yes. Reality frequently sucks, but it's real. Best to deal with it in a mature fashion.

The primary "reason" being used to press Stephen into processing Kodachrome is some Space Shuttle film. Not exposed frames of a deceased person of whom no other pictures exist. Untold numbers of still images and feet of motion pictures were made of the Shuttle in all phases of its life cycle and are carefully preserved. Ditching is no real loss.

Please note that, except for snapshots and article illustrations, I haven't exposed a frame of color since Kodachrome 25 and reliable Kodak processing for it ceased to be available nearly two decades ago. No one would be more happy than me if a magic wand could be waved and the world returned to happy Kodachrome times. It's not going to happen. Like most realities, that one sucks. But it's real. The healthiest way to deal with it is acceptance. Either embrace Fuji reversal film (while it lasts), color negative film (while it lasts), digital color or, like me, concentrate on black and white.