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Firstly, everyone has an opinion.

Secondly, everyone needs to make a living.

That brings us the uncomfortable bedfellows known as art and commerce.

Part of the art side consists of artists, schools, teachers and of course serious bullshitters and failed artists.

Part of the commerce side consists of agents, galleries, salespeople, media writers and of course serious bullshitters and failed artists.

Put them all together and you've got the clusterfuck that is ART.
I think you're a brilliant person, but if you tell me that art is a mix of artistic expression and commerce, then I'm going to have to have another drink...
Maybe I'm the exception; I don't know. While I like it when others appreciate my work to the point that they shell out hard earned cash for one of my works, selling my work never really enters my mind as I pursue what I love so much to do.
Am I the only one here who makes their living elsewhere, so that we can sustain our passion of being photographers/artists?

I generally agree with your statement, but would like some clarification on the commerce thing.