Holy hell. Just thought I'd check Scammell's website to see if anything's listed on next Monday's auction worth buying.
And instead I come across what looks like half a museum worth of old microscopes and cameras, so big it's spread across three days:
First looks to be all microscopes and stuff on the 13th.
Second is magic lanterns, literally hundreds of slides (I even noticed a nice carbon road bike with Dura Ace componentry I might nab) on the 14th.
Third are cameras. So many cameras. I count over 20 Rolleiflex/cord TLRs, SL35 and 66, a few Leicas (including a Leica 1f that they claim is 1 of only 20 made, if it's true then their $1500-2000 estimate might get blown out by a bit). A veritable plethora of 1/2 and 1/4 plate camers. Hell, there's even a Graflex Big Bertha with a 40" f/8 lens.

I'm very tempted not to share, keep it all to myself and not get outbid, but I've got a house and mortgage (even if I sold said house I couldn't afford all the stuff here), and a week before that I'm paying a guy good money to stab me in the face and chisel out some teeth, so my spending shall be somewhat curtailed (down to $0), and if anyone here reading this end up buying anything at least I'll be happy knowing it's going to a good home (and hopefully getting used, as they should).
I'll probably be there to inspect though, it's a GAS wet-dream...