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Just curious to see how much the last 25 years has changed the field of photography...

Just for fun!

Okay, back in 1988, what were you using for:
(1) Top most-used camera?
(2) Top most-used color film?
(3) Top most-used paper?
(4) B&W enlarger w/ color pack, dichro color enlarger, or somethine else? - Bonus points if you can you remember the model!

If 1988's too specific, we can just say "the 1980s". :-)
same stuff I'm using now -- finally managed to wear out the Leica CL I bought in '75, but the M3 I used in 88 (purchased in 77) is still going strong. Used HP5 then, using tri-x now because arista rebadged a bunch and it's cheap, but also still using Ilford panf. Color film then/now was/is fuji, Ilford multigrad FB, then and now, and the same Focomat Ic enlarger I bought in 1980/

I did pick up a minox, fujimoto G70 dichro and Durst Laborator enlarger along the way. the models of all this stuff are easy because they're still down in my darkroom.

So you're saying other folks have changed?