Welcome back Greg!

We are now done with the signup and I will be posting status and comments thread shortly. The final list for this exchange is:

Eugene (anikin)
Bert (TheToadMen)
John (JohnRichard)
Edward (Ed Bray)
Ken (Ken Nadvornick)
Uwe (piu58)
Paul (paul_c5x4)
Andrej (andreios)
Kevin (Kevin Kehler)
Marco (mesantacruz)
Mark (Mark_S)
Menno (spijker)
Katie (Katie)
Paul (ataim)
Stone (StoneNYC)
Matt (MattKing)
Mike (mjs)
Reed (semi-ambivalent)
Birger (BirgerA)
Nicolas (Dali)
Bob (megzdad81)
Prasanna (analoguey)
Greg (sage)

I am starting to send out assignments via PM. If you did not get one by tomorrow, please let me know ASAP! Have fun printing!