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Isn't R09 the one that is known for expiring very fast? It's not the Original Rodinal that's for sure.

About Kodak, I must admit that they we're the absolute Champs of QC and overall Quality products. They we're PERFECTION all the way. They still are. Let's hope they can salvage what's left.
I developed a film yesterday in RO9/one shot,from a bottle that is well over 4 years old and it was perfect, so as far as I can see the RO9, keeps as well as the original Rodinal, I use the same dilutions and times as I have used for Rodinal which I have been using since I first started using rodinal, which was so many years ago I have lost track. and I have yet to find any rodinal, either as Rodinal or any of it's new names, have let me down.