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Isn't R09 the one that is known for expiring very fast? It's not the Original Rodinal that's for sure.
R09 was the formula number however Agfa always called it Rodinal. When Agfa split after WWWII both East and West German branches called it Rodinal however when the western side merged with Gevaert they paid Orwo compensation in return for giving up the trade names, Orwo called Rodinal R09 from that point as does their successor Calbe.

Agfa Gevaert then modified their Rodinal by dropping the level of p-aminophenol but increasing the pH, making it far easier to manufacture, this is still made today in the same former Agfa factory and sold as R09 One Shot, Adonal etc and is no different to the Rodinal sold until recently by Agfa . Unfortunately because John of J&C in the US the Rodinal trade name can't be used any longer, he registered the it there Agfa is still in existance but have no financial interest in resolving trade name issues for companies they sold off.

So the question quite rightly is who made that R09. J&C were selling Calbe R09 in packaging mimicking Agfa Rodinal, and that caused legal issues around the time J&C ceased trading.