I agree, it set a cracking pace for Nikon. It received critical reviews for its capability when it came out.

For a long time in the 1990s the F90X was the camera for the task for rock climbers in Australia. Any number of well-known, widely published names here used an F90X with a 24 or 35mm lens swinging from a carabiner on their chalk bag. Glenn Tempest is one long-established climber/publisher who took an F90X all over the world on his travels, running Velvia 50 before the whole spectrum of publishing and photography went digital. No idea what they use now (all digital, for certain) but there's a good chance they'd be the top-notch Nikons and Canons, not necessarily light weight. I don't follow them or the activity at all now, nowhere near as much as I did when I had an interest in rock-climbing and cycling/travel around that same time. But I've witnessed a few F90X bodies take hard knocks, drops and crashes (and broken lenses) and still get going with a quick change of lens!