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Please stop with the "Kodak will not sell still film" stuff just because of a technicality in ownership/marketing. It's completely apparent to everyone Kodak is still producing still film. The KPP axe grinding is not positive and you need to watch how your words come off as people *run with this stuff* outside of this forum. Please, just stop with it.

The original link is obviously a bunch of falsities so the guy can get other people to pay for his expenses. Completely ridiculous.

Producing film and selling and marketing film are two totally different things.

Kodak emphazised on the independance between them and the new british company.

Nobody asked why Kodak, who were believed to cling so much to still film gave that business out of hand.

That still film part of the new/still to be establisherd entity at KPP is only a small part of that deal. In the official communication on this matter it even is placed only at low rank.

I relate my words to what are the facts rsp. what has been communicated and not what some people wish to be. The photochemical industry is a very complex matter and not just related to those films once on the shelves of photo shops.