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I just checked three 1ltr. bottles of Xtol and all had something floating in them - looks a bit like jellyfish. The bottles are glass, sealed full, mixed in late March using distilled water. Can I filter this stuff out and use the developer or should i just toss it? I've been using Xtol since it came out and have never had this happen before. Suggestions?
I once had some kind of white stuff floating in my Xtol at a time when I was still storing it in brown glass bottles and I found out that the developer wasn't working properly anymore. I have no proof that this failure was related to the white stuff, the batch was a couple of months (3-4?) old at that time, it might have been coincidence, still ... After that I started using 5 liter wine bladders to store Xtol and haven't had a single problem since. Xtol holds up to 8 months that way and maybe even longer, I just never tested it. The wine bladder is very practical and the best thing is, you will never again have to worry about any precipitate, because even if was there you would never see it!
Well ... I suggest you don't take any risks and run a test roll with the developer to see if it's still good.