Hi, all -

Time has come: I'm selling my 10x12. I love the format, have loved restoring and shooting this camera, but time is no longer there, and there are other priorities to cope with. The 10x12 gear, all of it, is going to go. First off, the camera and holders:

Star Camera Mfg Co. 10"x12" View Camera by Scott --, on Flickr

The camera dates to about 1930. It's been lovingly restored - this doesn't mean polishing all the hardware and stripping/sanding the wood. This does mean removing the hardware, restoring the finish, fixing the rise tambour, and installing a new bellows. The camera uses a unique front rise mechanism - a wooden tambour screen that feeds up and down inside the front standard. The tambour needed attention when I got it; it now works smoothly. The camera has front and rear tilt, scads of front rise/fall (by means of the tambour and a few inches of sliding rise with the tilt mechanism), and rear swings. The bellows have been replaced with a red satin set handcrafted by Sandeha Lynch. The camera sports 30" of draw. It is a self-casing design. The front standard has two posts which lock down on different detents in the bed to give different minimum draw lengths, then the bed telescopes out. All knobs and adjustments lock securely, and the bed runs smoothly along its entire length. There's a light grid on the ground glass. A new handle was installed during the restoration, and is quite robust.

Also included with the camera are three holders, matched to the camera. All three have had new tape hinges installed. I've only used two of the three holders, and they've been fine.

Star Camera Mfg Co. 10"x12" View Camera by Scott --, on Flickr

To sweeten the deal and get you up and shooting quickly, I'm including some film - about 4 sheets of Adox NP27 (ISO 400 film) and five sheets of (get this) 32-TXP Tri-X. The film is all post-dated, but is completely fine in use, and has been kept frozen since I received it.

I am selling this kit for $850US, plus shipping via some insured method, PayPal only (buyer to pay PayPal fees). I have a couple lenses, a stockpile of FP4+, and a Ries tripod I will be listing shortly as well. Please PM me with any questions. More photos can be seen here. This is one of my all-time favorite rigs, and is a joy to use. If you've seen my name here at all, you know I've used this camera extensively, and it has always performed. Thanks for looking.