What was your temperature control like ? By that I mean how accurate and consistent between all the stages of processing including washing. It looks like the emulsion has been significantly softened, maybe has reticulated, it would scratch incredibly easily.

I use HP5 it's my film of choice for hand-held LF work and I find the results outstanding, I also process at 26-27C when in Turkey, that's the water temperature in the Summer and it's easier to be consistent, however I've never had a problem with HP5, Delta 100 & 400, Tmax 100, or Fomapan 100 & 200.

Rodinal contains Potassium Hydroxide and that can soften emulsions, along with poor temperature controls you might get issues. I say might because I never used HP5 & Rodinal although I used Rodinal for over 25 years with other films again no problems personally. I jave seen a problem with someone else processing.