CI or N^3 leading the there's a meeting of the minds!

Wel-l-l-l-l, it was merely a matter of the price being right ($5), the seller probably landfilling it if no one else bid on it (we can't have THAT happen), and the spark of creativity of putting it all together.

Perhaps you saw my post on the 100th Monkey Theory of Camera Hacking (but I'm treading the thin ice of the opto-ethical Grafting or Hacking a more soothing euphemism?)

This is all aimed at making a usable test fixture for that MF (medium format, and yes, manual focus) zoom lens I originally inquired about mounting on a heavy duty lens board ( post).

My 4x5 SG doesn't have a back, although I could move one off the CG temporarily, but that's together and working, so maybe I should leave it alone.

I decided to eliminate the variables of lens alignment on a bellows camera by just using a box with parallel front and back. I decided a multi-feature box camera would be nice...rigid flange mount the lens, and I have three options for the back now, all offering something in addition to a new type of headache...the Agfa 6x9 back, a KIEV 88 6x6 back and now a sheet film back. If I make the back of this box sized to fit the 4x5 Graflok back, I can also experiment with the elsewhere mentioned interest in too-small circle of coverage look (like Sam Wang has done nicely). This lens reversed (macro, anyone) will cover a 4x5 and maybe a 5x7 filmholder.

So the rest of the apparatus is stewing in the mix too.

Oh, I forgot to mention one more aspect of the camera-back hack-attack...a Polaroid
(Super?) Color Pack with 665 film.

I'm seriously considering a sliding top (removed & replaced with an aluminum plate) decorative wood box to spare the machinist buddy the work of making an aluminum box, but getting front & back parallel isn't looking too easy with the amount of warp in the box...and that could change with the weather.

Maybe I'll take a breath and stop here...