I bought some 1991 dated Panatomic-X from the link within this link:
The 1991 canisters are marked "Being Discontinued, Replace with T-Max 100 Film".
I took some pics at EI=32 and developed in Beutler developer 7.5m 20C with good results.
Exposures included some of a test chart from www.normankoren.com.

After 22 years fog is insignificant, like new film.
The resolution of the film with my Canon EF 50mm f1.8 lens at f5.6-8 was about 70 lppm.This is consistent with some 70's lens tests I have from SLR Photography magazine, they never got much above 70 lppm.I have tested TMX in Xtol with the same lens and obtained ~100 lppm.
Howevever, the idea of the thin emulsion / Beutler combination was, I gather , to give an impression of sharpness from high edge effect,and not from resolution.
I think it works very well, compared to prints from the same subject from APX 100 in Xtol and in Pyrocat HD the Panatomic-X in Beutler does indeed have a higher edge sharpness.I don't have any APX 100 in Beutler for comparison.

I wonder if anyone can comment on this Panatomic-X film.