Also from the 10x12 kit, a City Sale and Exchange 16" f/8 RR, complete with 16-blade diaphragm.

City Sale and Exchange 16" Rapid Rectilinear by Scott --, on Flickr

The lens has been well-used. The brass is tarnished, the end dented in a few places. There's no flange. The front and back show some mottling - not fungus, not quite haze, but mottled areas. Might clean out if you disassembled the lens. I never tried to clean it, and had no issues with the lens. The iris stops down to f/64, and when fully stopped, the aperture isn't quite circular.

All that said, this lens has given me some of the best photos I've ever taken:

Grandpa... by Scott --, on Flickr

'Nother new lens... by Scott --, on Flickr

img157 by Scott --, on Flickr

These images were taken on 10x12 at portrait distance. At infinity, the lens lights up the ground glass to all corners, though I've never shot this outside for landscapes or such, despite always wanting to. Would have no problem on 8x10. And if you buy the camera, you can have the wonky lensboard that this was mounted on. More images of the lens can be found here.

$275 + insured shipping, buyer pays PayPal fees. PM me with any questions.