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1. The thing about photography that most people don't really understand is that it is not about now. Capturing now is only relevant in the context of the future.

2. Also shooting dozens of rolls and only realizing a couple of gems is great. It's perfect. Before you did it there were no gems at all. Now there are a couple.

3. Street scenes only really matter when the people are gone and the streets have changed.

4. We are the curators of history. And the time you spent reading this, the world has forever changed and you missed it.

1. Until recently, I would largely agree with that. However, things have changed with Facebook etc. Now, photos are mostly taken to show others the moment. There is no thought to permanency, and I have doubts how long a Facebook photo is going to exist anyway.

2. My own "keeper" rate is about 5%. This hasn't changed in the past 10 years.

3. I disagree in that a well composed photo will always have interest. Many of mine are abstract, and thus transcend time to begin with.

4. True, but not all of us are trying to document "things," but rather emotions/feelings. As I mentioned, many of my own shots are abstracts.

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