Bronica S2a accessories & lenses. Prices knocked down 30%

I am divesting myself of the following Bronica S2a lenses and accessories. The lenses and accessories will fit the Bronica C, S, S2, S2a, EC and EC-tl camera bodies.

Postage is extra (from Canada) and payment through PayPal. Item will be shipped within two days of payment. If you want a shipping quote, I need your Postal code, Zip Code, or country of destination. The buyer is responsible for all custom tariffs and taxes of his country. The selling price of the item will be the declared value on the customs form.
If you have questions or want more pics of a particular item, let me know and Iíll be happy to supply them. The item numbers correspond to the # in the pics.
I will knock off an extra 10% on the final selling price if you buy two or more items.
2% to APUG.

1) Sports finder in its original zip case and box. I never used it and I donít think itís ever been used. $75 + postage

3) 5x chimney finder in its original zip case. Except for the rubber eye piece that is slightly bent from being in its case, there are no issues. The glass is clean, no marks. $150 + postage

4) Horizontal eye-level pentaprism viewfinder in impeccable condition with the original cap and zip case. $150 + postage

6) Original Bronica case that holds 3 film inserts and has small transparent windows above each compartement that holds the end of the film box (ie. Tri-X) so that you know what film you have on the film insert in the compartement below it. $20 + postage

9) Four Bronica close-up rings for macro photography, c-d, c-c, B, c-a. The B & c-a rings go in front and act as a lens mount, and c-d & c-c screw into the helicoid mount. Use any combination to get the desired effect. Very clean working condition. $100 + postage

10) Two Bronica close up rings for macro photography, c-d, c-b. c-d mounts on the helicoid and c-b are the lens mount. Very clean working condition. $50 + postage

12) Nikkor-P 200/4.0 tele lens for the Bronica S series (S,S2, S2a); has the original front and rear caps, thje original box with the red felt lined insert. The lens has a retractable lens hood. Included is the Nikkor close-up lens that was made especially for this lens. Normally, the tele focuses down to around 4 meters (10ft) at its closest. The close-up lens gives you an extra 2 meters (5ft), so you can get in closer to your subject. This close-up lens is rarely found with the 200mm lens because it get separated, misplaced, the cat hides it etcÖ Aperture blades free from oil and snappy; the glass is super clean on both lenses. $200 + postage


The remaining photos are in the next box.......