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1. Until recently, I would largely agree with that. However, things have changed with Facebook etc. Now, photos are mostly taken to show others the moment. There is no thought to permanency, and I have doubts how long a Facebook photo is going to exist anyway.

2. My own "keeper" rate is about 5%. This hasn't changed in the past 10 years.

3. I disagree in that a well composed photo will always have interest. Many of mine are abstract, and thus transcend time to begin with.

4. True, but not all of us are trying to document "things," but rather emotions/feelings. As I mentioned, many of my own shots are abstracts.

Kent in SD
1. Facebook and camera phones are only one aspect of photography. The are millions of cameras floating around.

2. A 5% keeper rate is fine. It's 100% more than if you hadn't taken any.

3. I didn't say that although it may be true.

4. I agree I don't try to document things much either, although a lot of people on this site do. But documenting emotions is probably more important and fleeting.

Have a good one.