Mustafa, you bought in ignorance and you worry in ignorance. You didn't know enough what you were buying, you didn't even know whether it could do what you need (why else ask whether it will shoot single frame?) and you can't know whether it operates at all until you have it in hand. Take a long walk and a cold shower and stop worrying about what may not be.

8/8 Leicinas' weak point is the battery box; connecting the batteries to each other and to the camera is a problem that can be solved.

Don't panic. Take a long walk and a cold shower.

Bill, Leitz took a long long time to accept that electricity could be used in photographic equipment. As far as I know the 8/8 Leicina was the first Leica that had any electric apparatus of any kind built into it; it gives the impression of having been designed around a spring-powered ("clockwork") motor and then reluctantly and badly converted to electric drive.