Continuing the return to gear minimalism: Film tested, it worked fine for negative film and shutter sounds spot on. Body is very clean as you can see, aside from some corrosion around the battery cap (internally, the battery compartment is very clean). Viewfinder has some dust but is otherwise in good shape. Aperture ring is a bit slow to operate on the 50mm and the 135, the aperture itself is clean and dry and snappy on both but the ring itself is stiffer than it should be. Simple cleaning/re-lubing would fix this easily. The 35mm looks like it has never been used.

Kit includes

-Asahi Spotmatic SP serial #2720405 with OEM case, OEM plastic bottom plate protector, OEM strap, hippie weave strap (surprise color). Meter DOES NOT work, I have not opened it up to see if it's something easy to fix or not.
-Super Takumar 50mm f/1.4 lens (7-element radioactive version, cleared with California sunlight) w/Hoya metal screw in hood & HCE UV filter
-Super Takumar 35mm f/3.5 lens (looks unused, very compact and lightweight lens) w/OEM case and caps, Gemko polarizer filter
-Auto Takumar 135mm f/3.5 lens w/OEM case and hood, caps
-Hoya 49mm 3-piece close-up filter set
-Accura M42 3-piece extension tube set
-Vintage shoulder bag for all of this.

These are all M42 mount lenses, so they can be adapted to modern cameras quite easily and inexpensively. Can throw in some film to get you started if need be.

I take Paypal and Post Office money orders and will happily answer any questions and take photos of anything you might not see in this initial set.

Kit: $175 plus shipping.