OK, got my lensboard made and lens mounted on my 8x10. On Tuesday my Fuji Green X-Ray film comes and I'm off to the races. I've followed a thread on LF Forum, but it is a long thread of mostly back-patting on each other's shots. So I've thought up my own procedure to get a ballpark exp and development. So lets start with straight D-76 in a tray
I'm thinking find a development starting time first, then move on to finding a film speed. Starting with what I might know as a standard, is that I BELIEVE film speed will be 80-100 range. So, I figure to shoot a fully exposed negative of a big sheet of white paper, with the camera, placing it on Zone 9-10, with a metered film speed of 40. This should give a fully exposed piece of film, but not absurdly exposed, like laying the piece of film on the table with sunlight coming in the window.
Then, cut that film up, and make progressive developments of the pieces. Not having a densitometer, I figure to use my Luna-Pro pointed at some fairly bright lighting (so as not to overwhelm the meter cell). Then hold each piece of film up to the meter cell until I get to the one that shows no change in the reading. Somewhere between this piece and the piece before it SHOULD be a ballpark development time.
From that point, begin cutting up more film to 4x5's and use a step procedure till I see detail in Zone 1, or perhaps just shoot a Kodak step wedge till I see a reasonable progression. This should be a base exposure for trial.
So now I should have a ballpark film speed and development time that I can tweek from there. Opinions? Thank you.