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Bill Burk thank you. I do not exactly understand your post. So yes, I meant black and so black the meter can't tell. Is this right? Or are you saying go the other way--no density and first hint?
Ah, then your plan will probably work fine.

Traditionally tests for speed are done first, the tests for 0.1 density. Because this doesn't change much over a wide range of development times. So I recommend you look for this first.

When you do the development times tests, keep in mind, your meter probably will be able to accurately measure a dark Zone VIII / Zone IX test negative that is developed the right time.

Compare the meter reading with nothing... to the meter reading with your dark test negative. The dark negative that the meter tells you is 4 stops darker than nothing will have 4 stops x .3 density per stop = 1.2 density... Which is a reasonable Zone IX target.