I have a pristine Nikon Super Coolscan 8000 ED. It appears to have been barely used. It's fully functional -- I got it working in about 10 minutes on my Windows 8 64-bit desktop system with very little effort, even though the scanner uses a firewire connection. Test scans that I've done are beautiful -- the Digital ICE 4 is much better than the ICE on my V600, and the 4000dpi scans are better than the scans I get out of my V600, even using an ANR-equipped Better Scanning carrier calibrated to the V600's plane of focus. Apparently the 8000's medium format tray can be further improved by using ANR from Better Scanning (not included). The trays eject smoothly and quietly without any sticking.

Included with the scanner are the original box, packing material, documentation, cables, and accessories (35mm STRIP FILM HOLDER FH-835S, 35mm MOUNTED FILM HOLDER FH-835M, and 120/220 STRIP FILM HOLDER FH-869S). The only thing missing is the firewire port card that was included with the scanner; it was probably left installed in the original owner's graphics computer.

[Note: Some of you may remember me listing this scanner back in July, after I acquired it from a friend, whose photographer grandfather recently passed. From what my friend said, her grandfather purchased the scanner new and barely used it before it was boxed up and put into a closet. Using KEH's scale, I'd grade it EX+ or LN-. This isn't a cheap scanner, and I didn't want to sell it without testing it thoroughly. I decided to wait until I had sent it to Nikon for a general CLA before offering it here: It's an expensive purchase, and I wanted to be sure it works perfectly before selling it here. It's a gem. It works perfectly. It should last for years.]

$1,800 via Paypal (add 3% if paying by credit card) or money order. Shipping is going to be expensive for this large, heavy item, especially if you want the scanner packed up in its original box. I estimate $80 insured via UPS, but will calculate actual shipping before sale. While I would prefer to ship to the US only, I'll ship internationally provided that you have sales and purchase history on APUG, acknowledge that insured, delivery-confirmation shipping is going to be expensive, and are OK waiting for your Paypal payment to clear into my bank account before I ship. I'll make an APUG donation following the scanner's sale.

I have unretouched, uncropped, full-frame 6x7 scans up in my public Dropbox folder. Have a look -- the level of detail and clarity is phenomenal. Like I said, it's going to be hard for me to go back to my V600 after using this machine. The color casts in these scans are most-likely due to my C41 home processing inconsistency, and are easily corrected.