Hi you all,
I received 8 postcards up until today for which I want to say thank you very much.
i'm having so much fun wirh this exchange, always looking forward to opening the mailbox just in case that there could be another card in it - I'm thoroughly enjoying this!

The cards I got so far are:

GWR Pannier Tank - by Ed Bray - I love the scenery and this forceful engine
Tree Monster - by blujeh2 - the monster simply popped out of the card, wonderful that you found this!
Winterdisteln - by Uwe Pilz - a really unusual card with this old paper, I like the emotion it gives, I think it supports the mood
Hedy's Vase - by bluejeh - a peaceful and very balanced still live with a beautiful vase
Chimpanzee with camera - by Steve Frizza - this one made me laugh and i appreciate the humour!
Shore - by Trond - a wondefully toned and very peaceful picture of a lake (I assume) - one of my favourite places to be!
alienis - by jimo - unusual atmosphere, really not sure if its pleasant or rather scary - 'I can hear someone reciting 'The Raven' - I simply love the comment given with teh card - I think this is going to become my new answer when asked about my pictures (I could give details but won't)
Merry-go-round - by BoxBrownie - I'm not sure that this Merry-go-round is for children, those tractor seats look quite big - the soft quality of the print enhances this (for me) a little sad mood.

Thank you all very much - I will be back for the next round and thank you George very warmly for doing this!