Dear Snay 1345,

Firstly, I am sorry you have experienced an issue with an ILFORD film.

I cannot be 100% certain, you cannot be until you see the negs but its highly unlikely to be a problem with manufacture, especially across the two formats.

We have a QC ( quality control ) list where I can see any current QC's in our system, we have none related to HP5+ at all across any format at present.

The most important thing is that you bought an ILFORD film, you are obviously entitled to have it checked out, you need to tell us the batch numbers and return the negs to us ( Marked for technical service HARMAN technology LImited at the UK address ) and importantly tell us if you want the negs back, we will then examine the film and tell you what it is.

You will get one of three answers : Cause Justified = A problem existed in manufacture
Cause Not Certain = We cannot be conclusive as to the cause
Cause Not Justified = No problem in manufacture

If its the first or second we will obviously replace the film free of charge.

Finally some contributors mentioned pre-washing : Firstly HARMAN technology Limited do not recommend pre-washing as we do not believe it is required for even development of modern coated emulsions, BUT If you choose to pre-wash it, it is perfectly safe to do so ( but as with all films not overlong ) and will not harm the film in anyway.

Simon. ILFORD Photo / HARMAN technology limited :