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The rubber squeegees always seemed prone to scratches, but I've use the sponge type for 20 years without any problems. Store them clean and rinse them out well before using. I get the ones with the U-shaped plastic handles, and cut through the base of the U so that I get two paddles with sponges. Then I hold the plastic handles between the fingers of one hand at just the right spacing so that the sponge faces are parallel when together, and use my other hand on the sponge end to control the amount of compression on the film. It doesn't take much practice to get a very clean, controlled wipe.
I tried a rubber squeegee and threw it out at once. You need rubber that is a LOT more supple.

Most good windshield wipers today (I use ones that have been used for a few months, to smooth the edge) have some type of silicone mix in them, which make them very supple. That seems to be key to avoid scratches, in addition to making sure the edge is perfectly clean.