In my view, “vision” or “seeing” is a function of consciousness and consciousness is always evolving, even despite ourselves. Naturally it follows that seeing will change and evolve as one’s consciousness changes and evolves.

I started out photographing landscape in large format black and white in 1987. I continue to do so; have never tired of it. But how I see the landscape has changed and (I hope) matured.

For me the progression has been from seeing the literal object, to seeing the light, to seeing the basic building blocks abstractly (form, line, space, tonal relationships, etc.), to seeing what is “behind” it all. Now I see all the objects and light as manifestations of something I can’t describe, but see evidence for. I guess I would call it a “universal intelligence” of just “life,” or perhaps “life-flow,” regardless of the subject matter. There is this amazing order to what at a casual glance appears as chaos. Something keeps saying to me, “See!”

By the way, regarding the book mentioned above by Michael A. Smith: I bought that book and two of his wife Paula’s books. I highly recommend these books as “State of the Art.” Be forewarned: you may get discouraged and just want to throw all your prints away! Or you may get inspired as I am. And I haven’t even seen an actual print yet. True Master Artists, these two.